Keep the Path to Citizenship Open

Keep the Path to Citizenship Open

Tell USCIS to Reject the Proposed Changes to Fee Waiver Eligibility

America is supposed to be the land of opportunity. USCIS is trying to bar eligible individuals from applying for citizenship just because of their use of public benefits. A person’s value is more than what’s in their bank accounts. After being introduced last fall, this USCIS proposal is open for a second round of comments. We only have until May 6th to fight back once and for all. Send your letter to USCIS, rejecting their proposed fee waiver changes.

The changes to the fee waiver eligibility criteria will discourage low-income immigrants from applying for citizenship.
Submit a comment today and let the government know that this is wrong and unfair.

Send your comment before May 6, 2019, and tell USCIS to reject the proposed changes to the fee waiver eligibility criteria. Instead of gatekeeping low-income immigrants, they should be ensuring that U.S. citizenship is open to all people who qualify.

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