The Georgia Legislature meets once a year for forty working days to discuss and pass laws that affect our state. Without fail, each year legislators introduce harmful anti-immigrant legislation that slowly chip away at the livelihoods of immigrants in Georgia. These bills include everything from targeting undocumented students and families, to singling out legal permanent residents for simply no reason other than their citizenship status or the language that they speak. Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta has been at the frontlines fighting back against legislation that could impact Asian American and other immigrant communities. Our work is immensely important during the legislative session because we are one of the only groups that has a regular presence at the State Capitol each year. We work collaboratively with other immigrant and civil rights groups to make sure that we stand united and work on issues that impact people of color.

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Immigrant Rights Thursdays

Be sure to join us at the Capitol for our weekly Immigrant Rights Thursdays starting January 31st, where each Thursday you will have an opportunity to join us at the Capitol to engage your legislators on the week’s most pressing issues.

Every Thursday starting January 31st WHEN: 9am-11am WHERE: Capitol Room 132 On February 7th we will meet in in the Coverdell Legislative Office Building in room 605.


Asian American Advocacy Day

In addition, save the the date for our Annual Asian American Advocacy Day on March 13th, for the largest gathering of Asian American community, business, and faith leaders at our state Capitol.

Wednesday, March 13th
WHEN: 8:30am-2:00pm
WHERE: Georgia State Capitol


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