In The News

Immigrant Heritage Month
6/19/17: Public Now - LAA Joins Other Organizations To Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month

Vincent Chin 35th Anniversary
6/21/17: Sampan - Asian Americans Advancing Justice strengthens hate tracking initiative on 35th anniversary of Vincent Chin attack

Civic Engagement - CD6
6/23/17: World Journal - 公正促進會 推動亞裔積極投票

New America Media Roundtable
6/6/17: Korea Daily - 가족 보호하려면 투표권 행사해야
6/6/17: Mundo Hispanico - Van por más ciudadanos
6/7/17: El Nuevo Georgia - Aplicaciones de naturalización en Atlanta, están tomando más tiempo
6/7/17: El Nuevo Georgia - Clínica Gratuita de Ciudadanía
6/7/17: El Nuevo Georgia - Mesa Redonda Inmigracion
6/7/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 소수계 '시민권 신청 독려' 세미나 개최
6/7/17: Atlanta Chosun - 시민권 승인 평균 1년 걸린다
6/12/17: New America Media - ‘Ellis Island of the South’ - Atlanta Coalition Helps Immigrants Naturalize
6/13/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 코리아타운 게시판
6/15/17: World Journal - 免費入籍講座17日在墨西哥總領事館舉行
6/20/17: Inquirer - Atlanta coalition helps immigrants become US citizens

Free Citizenship Clinic
5/23/17: World Journal Atlanta - 公正促進會呼籲:綠卡持有人 盡速申請公民

Voter Registration 2017
5/5/17 : News and Post - 6지역구 결선투표 유권자등록 21일까지 연장
5/14/17: AJC - An all-out push underway to register voters in Georgia’s 6th District
5/16/17: Korea Daily - 6지구 연방 보궐선거, 아시안 투표율이 변수
5/22/17: AJC - Georgia’s 6th District has added 5,500 voters, with more coming
5/23/17: Korea Daily - 존 오소프, 캐런 핸델 누를까
6/14/17: NBC News - Georgia Special Election Shines Light on Asian-American Voters

AAPIs & Running for Election
5/8/17: Korea Daily - 밀레니얼 세대 ‘정계 출사표’

SouthEATS 2017
5/5/17: Atlanta Chosun - 아시안푸드 페스티벌 열린다
5/8/17: Yelp - SouthEATS 2017 | Asian Food Festival
5/9/17: Daily Report - Asian Food Fest Looks to Raise Thousands for Legal Nonprofit
5/9/17: Creative Loafing - Atlanta food events: May 8-14
5/11/17: Korea Daily - AAAJ 아시안 푸드페스티벌 ‘사우스이츠’ 열려
5/12/17: Atlanta Chosun - 아시안 음식 즐기며 인권운동도 후원

Free Citizenship Clinic at TECO CC hosted by AAAJ-ATL April 15, 2017
4/7/17: Epoch Times Atlanta - 亞裔正義促進會舉辦免費公民入籍工作坊
4/11/17: World Journal Atlanta - 《亞城看板》亞美夥伴論壇 14日登場
5/2/17: World Journal Atlanta - 亞城公民入籍工作坊 免費服務

Veto HB 452
5/10/17: Korea Daily - ‘불체 범죄자 신상공개법‘ 결국 시행
5/2/2017: Korea Daily - 불체 흉악범만 공개 vs. 마녀사냥 일어날 것
4/28/17: News and Post - "조지아주 “성역 캠퍼스’엔 돈 안준다”"
4/27/17: Korea Daily - ‘불체자 보호대학’ 예산중단법 시행

Free Citizenship Clinic in Lilburn on hosted by AAAJ-ATL March 18, 2017
3/20/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 제2차 무료 시민권 신청 도우미 행사
3/20/17: Atlanta Radio Korea - 무료 시민권신청 수속 행사에 많은 인원 참석!

AAAJ-ATL Hosts Non-Partisan Candidate Training 2017 on Saturday, March 18 through Sunday, March 19
3/22/17: Atlanta Chosun - Impactful Non-Partisan Candidate Training
3/20/17: Atlanta Radio Korea - AAAJ, 제4회 비정당후보교육 둘루스서 개최
3/19/17: Atlanta Chosun - 아시안 선거출마 디딤돌 된다
3/19/17: Korea Daily - “선거는 숫자게임, 치밀한 전략이 중요”
3/19/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 소수계 정치 지망생 워크샵 개최

AAAJ Stands Against the Immigration Crackdown
3/19/17: Asian American Press - AAAJ condemns increased funding for immigration enforcement as inhumane and unnecessary drain on taxpayers
3/17/17: Sampan - Asian Americans Advancing Justice condemns increased funding for immigration enforcement as inhumane and unnecessary drain on taxpayers
2/23/17: Asian Fortune New - AAAJ condemns proposal to collect social media data of Chinese visitors

AAAJ-ATL Watches, Lobbies Bills at Georgia State Capitol
Opposing Anti-First Amendment Bills
3/15/17: AJC -
3/15/17: WSB TV - Blocking roads could lead to terrorism charges under new plan
3/15/17: AJC - Civil rights groups oppose state bills affecting ability to protest
Opposing Anti-Sanctuary Campus Bill (HB 37)
3/9/17: Courthouse News Service - Anti-Sanctuary Campus Bills Spikes Opponents' Wrath
Petition and Policy Status
3/6/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 요란했던 반이민법안 대부분 퇴출
3/2/17: Atlanta Radio Korea 반이민법 반대서명운동 실시!
3/1/17: Atlanta Chosun - "반이민법 반대 서명운동 동참해주세요"

Aisha Yaqoob, AAAJ-ATL Policy Director, Comments about Being Muslim in America
3/9/17: New York Times What It Feels Like When a Mosque Is Threatened

Open Mic "VOICES" at Cafe Rothem Hosted by AAAJ-ATL
3/9/17: Atlanta Radio Korea - "카페로뎀” 젊은이들의 문화적 힐링공간으로…

Trump's New Muslim Ban Condemned by AAAJ-ATL
3/6/17: AJC - New Trump travel ban has broad implications for Atlanta region

AAAJ-ATL Comments on President Trump's Joint Address to Congress on February 28, 2017
3/5/17: Asian American Press - Trump remarks to Congress will not build the unity he seeks

Proposal to Collect Social Media Data of Chinese Visitors Condemned by AAAJ-ATL
3/3/17: SB News - Asian Americans Advancing Justice Condemns Trump Proposal To Collect Private Social Media Data From Chinese Visitors, Encourages Public Comment
2/25/17: Asian American Press - AAAJ condemns proposal to collect social media data of Chinese visitors

Aisha Yaqoob, AAAJ-ATL Policy Director, Hosts Post 4 Candidates Forum in Roswell
2/27/17: North Fulton Neighborhood - Roswell mosque opens doors to address issues at Post 4 city council candidate forum
2/21/17: Neighbor News Online - Two Roswell organizations host opportunities for residents to meet Post 4 candidates

AAAJ-ATL Hosts Asian American Legislative Summit and Lobby Day on February 22, 2017
2/23/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 한인단체 등, 이민자 인권 로비 전개
2/23/17: Atlanta Chosun - "조지아의 리더는 아시안입니다"
2/22/17: Korea Daily - 밀레니얼이 정치인이 된 이유

AAAJ-ATL Know Your Rights when ICE Comes to Your Door
2/21/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - <사진>도라빌서 이민단속 대응 유인물 배포
2/15/17: Atlanta Radio Korea - AAAJ, 기습단속 대응 메뉴얼 ‘권리카드’배포
2/9/17: Atlanta Chosun - 이민단속반, 도라빌 아파트 급습
5/23/17: World Journal Atlanta - 亞城無證移民 被逮人數暴增7成

AAAJ-ATL Hosts Free Citizenship Clinic on February 11
2/13/17: Atlanta Radio Korea 무료 시민권신청 수속 행사에 많은 인원 참석!
2/13/17: The Korea Times Atlanta 제2차 무료 시민권 신청행사 내달 18일
2/13/17: Atlanta Chosun 무료 시민권 신청행사 170명 몰려
2/12/17: Korea Daily 영주권도 불안 “시민권 따자”

Commissioner Hunter Meets with AAAJ-ATL and Gwinnett NAACP
2/11/17: Gwinnett Daily Post - POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Tommy Hunter meeting with NAACP taking place at GJAC

Lawsuit by AAAJ-ATL with State of Georgia regarding Federal Voting Rights Settled, prompts Georgia to Stop Automatic Cancellation of Voter Applications
2/11/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 소수계 유권자 등록 차별 없어진다
2/10/17: AJC - Georgia settles suit alleging it blocked thousands of minority voters
2/10/17: Daily Report - State Settles Voter Rights Suit, Agrees to Halt Automatic Cancellation of Voter Applications

Citizenship Clinic on February 11 Hosted by AAAJ-ATL
2/7/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 코리아타운 게시판

AAAJ-ATL Thanks Advancing Justice | AAJC President, Mee Moua in Her Departure
2/5/17: Sampan - Advancing Justice | AAJC president bids fond farewell

Settlement reached on AAAJ-ATL’s case regarding Federal Voting Rights

AAAJ Statement on firing Sally Yates
2/1/17: Sampan – Asian Americans Advancing Justice responds to White House firing of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates

AAAJ's immigration hotline to assist with immigration matters
2/1/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 공항 억류 이민자 지원 핫라인 개설

Immigration assistance provided by Advancing Justice-Atlanta
1/31/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - 공항 억류 이민자 무료 법률지원

Airport Protest against Immigration/ Muslim Ban
1/31/17: The Korea Times Atlanta - <사진>아시안 등 수천명 공항서 시위

AAAJ Speaks out against Executive Orders
1/29/17: Korea Daily - 이민자 커뮤니티 “충격과 두려움”

Mercer Talk Series: Identity in America
1/24/17: WGXA - Identity in America talk at Mercer focuses on immigration

Women's March
1/19/17: Rewire - Inauguration Week, MLK Day Galvanize Nationwide Actions for Racial Justice
1/27/17: Inquirer - Filipino voices from the Women’s March on Washington

AAAJ Statement against Trump and his anti-immigrant policies
1/25/17: Atlanta Chosun - 트럼프 반이민 드라이브 이젠 '현실'

Press Conference by immigrant Organizations against anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim ban
1/26/17: AJC - Escaping to Atlanta, Syrians worry the door will be shut behind them
1/26/17: NorthWest Georgia News - Muslims, Latinos unify over Trump's immigration, border plan
1/26/17: CBS46 - Advocacy groups to Trump on immigration order: 'don't do it'
1/26/17: MundoHispanico - Alzan la voz contra acciones ejecutivas de Trump
1/26/17: Korea Daily - ‘초강경 반이민’ 트럼프에 곳곳서 반발
1/26/17: Univision - Manifestaciones en el condado de Cobb por acciones ejecutivas de Trump
1/26/17: WABE - "Advocates Call For Atlanta To Be A Sanctuary City"
1/26/17: AJC - Escaping to Atlanta, Syrians worry the door will be shut behind them

Korean American Day
1/23/17: Atlanta Chosun - 높아진 한인위상 재확인
1/24/17: The Korean Times Atlanta - 주청사서 '미주 한인의 날' 선포
1/24/17: Atlanta Chosun - 조지아 주의원들, 한인사회에 기립박수
1/24/17: Atlanta Radio Korea - 114주년 미주한인의 날 기념

Gwinnett Commissioner Tommy Hunter
1/17/17: AJC - Gwinnett chairman apologizes for colleague’s ‘racist pig’ comments
1/17/17: FOX5 - Gwinnett commissioner won't resign after 'racist' Facebook comments
1/17/17: WSB Radio - Gwinnett chairman apologizes for colleague’s ‘racist pig’ comments
1/18/17: Fox25 - Official's 'racist pig' comment about John Lewis spurs apologies, calls for resignation
1/18/17: The Statesman - Official's 'racist pig' comment about John Lewis spurs apologies, calls for resignation
1/18/17: WFTV - Official's 'racist pig' comment about John Lewis spurs apologies, calls for resignation
1/18/17: WOKV - Official's 'racist pig' comment about John Lewis spurs apologies, calls for resignation
1/18/17: WHIO - Official's 'racist pig' comment about John Lewis spurs apologies, calls for resignation
1/25/17: AJC - Official who made ‘racist pig’ post hopes to ‘show where his heart is’
1/25/17: NRI Pusle - Advancing Justice – Atlanta and Gwinnett Branch of NAACP meets with Commissioner Tommy Hunter
1/25/17: Korea Daily - ‘인종주의 돼지’ 막말 커미셔너 사퇴압박 계속
1/25/17: Atlanta Chosun - 헌터 커미셔너, 인권단체와 대화
1/26/17: Korea Times Atlanta - 인종차별 글' 커미셔너 "대화하겠다"
1/26/17: Gwinnett Daily Post - Spokesman: Hunter will meet NAACP but ‘Zero change’ in plans to stay in office

1/4/2017: The Korea Times Atlanta - 추방유예자 '거주자 학비' 적용 판결
1/4/2017: Atlanta Chosun - "추방유예 학생 거주지 학비 판결 환영"

Legislative Session 2017
11/17/2016: Korea Daily - 조지아주의 도넘은 트럼프 따라하기

AAPI and bullying
6/22/2016: AJC - This 5-year-old is ready for a post-racial America … are you?

Post-Election 11/14/2016: Better Georgia - Building a stronger, bolder progressive movement in Georgia

Gwinnett Candidates Forum
9/29/2016: Gwinnett Daily Post - Candidates make cases for election at forum
Against "Mail Order Family"
10/1/2016: Asian American Press - Outrage over new NBC show, “Mail Order Family”
10/8/2016: The Filipino Express - Asian Americans Advancing Justice Affiliates Outraged By New NBC Show

Statement against Fox News Segment
10/5/2016: International Examiner - Several Asian American and Asian Pacific Islander groups “disgusted” by offensive Fox News segment on Chinese American voters
10/5/2016: NBC News - Civil Rights Groups Criticize Fox News for 'Racist and Offensive' Chinatown Segment
10/9/2016: CRI English - Fox News asked to apologize seriously for mocking Chinese Americans
10/11/2016: Sampan - Four Asian American Civil Rights Organizations Call Out Fox News And The O’Reilly Factor for Racist Segment
10/25/2016: AAPress - AAPI leaders meet with FOX News over racist faux news segment

9/28/2016: AtlantaChosun - [특별기획-기부의 그림자] 3. 올바른 기부문화는?

Launch of the Georgia Immigrant Alliance for Civic Empowerment
9/20/2016: Korea Daily - 이민자 커뮤니티 아우르는 연합회 발족
9/20/2016: Mundo Hispanico - Más poder para los hispanos
9/21/2016: The Korea Times - 한인 참여 '조지아 이민자연맹' 출범
9/21/2016: AtlantaChosun - 조지아 이민자 커뮤니티가 뭉쳤다
10/12/2016: News and Post - 한인사회 유권자등록캠페인 ‘성공적’
10/12/2016: AtlantaChosun - 한인회 "유권자등록 기대 이상 성과"
10/13/2016: Korea Daily - 한인회 유권자 등록운동 ‘성과’
10/14/2016: Atlanta Radio Korea - 2016 미 대선, 한인 유권자 등록 초과 달성!

Federal Voting Lawsuit
9/14/2016: 11alive - Federal voting lawsuit filed against Georgia officials
9/14/2016: wsbtv - Federal voting lawsuit filed against Georgia officials
9/14/2016: AJC - Federal lawsuit alleges Georgia blocked thousands of minority voters
9/14/2016: Creative Loafing - Georgia sued over voting rights, again
9/14/2016: ABC News - Lawsuit: Georgia Voter Registration Process Violates the Law
9/14/2016: WABE - Lawsuit: Ga. Voter Registration Process Is Discriminatory
9/14/2016: The Recorder - Ga. facing minority voting lawsuit
9/14/2016: The Patch - Georgia's Voter Registration Violates Civil Rights, Lawsuit Says
9/14/2016: Star Tribune - Lawsuit: Georgia voter registration process violates the law
9/14/2016: Korea Daily - “소수계 유권자 등록 차별 받았다”
9/14/2016: 11alive - Federal voting lawsuit filed against Georgia officials
9/15/2016: The Korea Times - "조지아 선거법,아시안·흑인 투표권 제한"
9/15/2016: Raw Story - Federal lawsuit alleges Georgia blocked thousands of minorities from voter rolls
9/16/2016: Univision - Organizaciones demandan proceso de registro para votantes
9/16/2016: Daily Report - DOJ Approval at Issue in Ga. Voter Registration Suit
9/21/2016: AJC - Judge orders Georgia to release database records on voter registration
9/26/2016: AJC - Georgia agrees to add thousands to voter rolls ahead of Nov. election
9/27/2016: Korea Daily - ‘투표권 침해’ 소송당한 조지아, 선거 앞두고 유권자 등록기준 완화
9/28/2016: Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Federal agency has final word on citizenship proof for voting, court says
9/29/2016: GoldenIsle News - No movement locally as voting rules relaxed in federal case
10/7/2016: Charlotte Observer - Georgia secretary of state fighting accusations of disenfranchising minority voters
10/21/2016: Newnan Times Herald - Many rejected voter applicants will be restored
10/24/2016: Washington Post - A growing conflict over voting rights is playing out in Georgia, where the presidential race is tightening

Election 2016
7/15/2016: Atlanta Chosun - "한인 유권자 힘, 보여줍시다"
7/18/2016: The Washington Post - As Clinton launches registration effort, community groups focus on Asian Americans
7/21/2016: Atlanta Chosun - "한인 500명 유권자 등록 거뜬합니다"
7/23/2016: AJC - Community Voices:Volunteers strive to increase registered Asian voters
7/28/2016: Atlanta Chosun - "국민위한 정책펴는 지도자 키운다"
7/28/2016: The Korea Times - 아시안센터 청소년 리더십 행사
7/28/2016: Korea Daily - 아시안 아메리칸센터 청소년 리더십 세미나
8/9/2016: Washington Post - Clinton expands battleground state map with push into Arizona, Georgia
8/12/2016: Korea Daily - 대선 한인유권자 등록 캠페인
8/12/2016: The Korea Times - 정치력 신장은 유권자 등록부터
8/28/2016: Korea Daily - ‘언어장벽’이 정치참여 막는다
10/12/2016: AtlantaChosun - [선거기획] 참여만이 살길이다-2 이번 선거의 의미
10/12/2016: Korea Daily - 대선 코앞…“꼭 투표해야”
10/14/2016: AJC - Judge orders voter registration in Chatham extended to Oct. 18
11/6/2016: Korea Daily - 투표하려면 신분증 챙겨야
11/8/2016: Mundo Hispanico - Así se vive la jornada electoral en Duluth, Georgia
11/8/2016: AtlantaChosun - 한인들 "내손으로 대통령 뽑는다"
11/8/2016: Huffington Post - Asian-American Early Voting Doubled In Key Battleground States
11/9/2016: The Korea Times - 한인단체,일선에서 '유권자 보호 활동'
11/10/2016: Korea Daily - 추방유예 청년 73만명
11/12/2016: The Korea Times - 한인유권자 65% 힐러리 찍었다

6/15/2016: NBC News - We 'Finally Feel At Home': How DACA Has Changed Lives Across America
6/24/2016: Korea Daily - 우려가 현실로 ‘이민개혁 행정명령 끝내 무산’
6/28/2016: Atlanta Chosun - "꽉막힌 이민개혁, 언제 풀릴까?"

AANHPI Civic Engagement Tour (ACT)
6/21/2016: Georgia Weekly Post - Asian American Voter Outreach and citizenship Drive in Georgia to focus on Elections in 2016

SouthEATS 2016
5/1/2016: Korea Daily - 애틀랜타 ‘아시안 식당들’ 한자리에
5/2/2016: News and Post - AAAJ, 아시안 음식축제 개최
6/6/2016: AJC - New generation of Atlanta’s Asian chefs nothing like their parents

4/26/2016: WABE - Atlanta Schools Crack Down On Cyberbullying, Harassment

2016 Southern Regional Non-Partisan Candidate Training
4/24/2016: Korea Daily - “용기와 꿈을 갖고 선거 출마하라”
4/24/2016: Korea Times - 아시안 정치인 총출동, 후배에게 강의
4/24/2016: Atlanta Chosun - "아시안 후보자들 출마를 기대합니다"
4/26/2016: K-Hearld - Training People of Color to Run for Office

DACA+/DAPA Hearing/Rally
4/19/2016: Mundo Hispanico - Activistas de Georgia piden por el DACA y DAPA
4/19/2016: Inquirer - Fil-Ams join Supreme Court rally for Obama’s immigration actions
4/23/2016: The Filipino Express - Fil-Ams join rally for Obama's immigration actions

Legislative Session 2016 Victories
3/25/2016: Atlanta Chosun - 반이민법 트리오 폐기 "이민자의 승리"
3/25/2016: Korea Daily - 반이민법안 저지 “성공했다”
3/25/2016: Korea Times - "이민자의 승리" 반이민법 모두 저지
3/28/2016: NBC News - Georgia Ends Legislative Session Without Passing Trio of Possibly Anti-Immigrant Laws
3/28/2016: News and Post - 조지아주 반이민법 3종세트 폐기

AAPIs and Voter Turnout
3/21/2016: Korea Daily - 귀넷 아시안 주민 “대접 못받는 이유 있네”

3/20/2016: Asian American Press - AAJC supports Garland nomination

Advancing Justice-Atlanta at the Beauty Trade Show
3/20/2016: Korea Daily - 뷰티인들의 축제 ‘한마당’

3/14/2016: AJC- Georgians split over president’s executive actions on immigration

Legislative Session 2016

2/22/2016: WABE - Closer Look: Atlanta Police Relations; And More
2/25/2016: AJC - Georgia Senate panel OKs bill aimed at immigrants without legal status
2/25/2016: Korea Daily - ‘주홍글씨’ 불체자ID 도입 논란
2/25/2016: AtlantaChosun - “조지아주, 왜 이렇게까지…”
2/26/2016: Univision - Senador fustiga a joven soñador
2/29/2016: Korea Daily - 추방유예자 ‘주홍글씨법’ 조지아 주 상원 통과
2/29/2016: The Korea Times - 주홀글씨 운전면허증' 상원 통과
3/1/2016: WABE - ‘English As Official Language’ Proposal Moves Forward In Ga.
3/2/2016: Korea Daily - ‘트럼프 효과’, 이민사회에 ‘불똥’
3/2/2016: El Nuevo Georgia - Senado aprueba “cambiar” licencia a jóvenes con DACA
3/2/2016: Mundo Hispanico - Lucharán contra propuestas “racistas”
3/3/2016: Korea Daily - 조지아 주의회 공화당 의원들의 ‘속셈’
3/4/2016: The Korea Times - 한인단체 ‘반이민법’ 저지 총력
3/4/2016: Korea Daily - 반이민법 중지 서명 부탁해요
3/4/2016: Atlanta Radio Korea - 반이민법 중지 서명에 동참하자!
3/4/2016: Korea Daily -웨스트포인트는 ‘반이민 악법’ 지역구 
3/9/2016: Korea Daily - ‘반이민’ 법안 반대 한목소리
3/10/2016: AJC - Ethnic groups decry Georgia bills aimed at immigrants without papers
3/10/2016: Korea Daily - 이민자들 ‘영어 공식언어 결의안’ 저지
3/10/2016: The Korea Times - 교회협, 반이민법 저지 나선다
3/10/2016: The Korea Times - 주청사 앞에서 한인 등 반이민법 철폐 촉구
3/10/2016: The Korean Christian Times - 애틀랜타교회협의회 기자 간담회 가져
3/10/2016: Atlanta Radio Korea - 부활절 연합예배, 연합교회와 임마누엘 교회서!
3/11/2016: Atlanta Chosun - 한인 교계, 반이민법 저지에 힘모은다
3/11/2016: Atlanta Chosun - 반이민법 조지아주에 이제 그만
3/11/2016: Atlanta Radio Korea - <한인회>반이민법 반대/유권자 등록운동 전개
3/11/2016: Atlanta Chosun - 한인회도 반이민법 저지운동 동참
3/11/2016: Korea Daily - ‘반이민법’ 저지운동 “정치 참여로 확대하자”
3/11/2016: The Korea Times - 반이민법 저지·유권자 등록운동 전개
3/15/2016: NewsandPost - 반이민법안 반대 목소리 높인다

3/2/2016: GMA News- On Super Tuesday, US-based Pinoys urged to participate in polls

The Fifth Annual Asian American Legislative Breakfast & Lobby Day

2/17/2016: Khabar -Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta: Legislative Lobby Day
2/18/2016: AtlantaRadioKorea - "AAAJ, 애틀랜타 조찬모임과 로비데이 열어"
2/18/2016: Korea Daily - ‘반이민법’ 반대해 ‘소신발언’ 주목
2/18/2016: Korea Daily - “아시안은 급성장하는 유권자 그룹”
2/18/2016: AtlantaChosun - "아시안 노리는 반이민법 많다"
2/18/2016: AtlantaChosun - 공무원 시민권자 임용 아시안 커뮤니티 타격

2/9/2016: Georgia Voice- Hundreds rally against religious exemptions bills at Georgia Capitol
2/9.2016: Korea Daily - ‘종교 자유법’ 반대 시위…AAAJ 등 참여"

1/28/2016: Korea Daily- “아시안의 목소리 높인다”

1/26/2016: Khabar- Pan Asian Action Network: re anti-immigrant legislation

1/25/2016: GPB- 2016: Georgia’s Political Mood | Democracy In Black

1/13/2016: Korea Daily- 한인밀집지역 대선바람 ‘솔솔’

1/11/2016: El Nuevo Georgia- Vea cómo terminó una marcha contra las redadas de inmigración llevada a cabo hoy en Atlanta

Coming Together

1/7/2016: First Coast News - Jacksonville Syrians hold forum to dispel hysteria
1/7/2016: CBS - Crisis in Syria: Local debate over accepting refugees

2015 Georgia City Elections

11/5/2015: newsandpost- 도라빌시 최초의 아시안계 시의원 탄생
11/4/2015: Georgia Weekly Post- One Asian American Candidate Wins Election, and Two Candidates Head to a Run-Off
11/3/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 한인들도 '친한파'에 한표 행사
11/2/2015: newsandpost- 11월3일, 오늘은 선거일 “투표하세요!”
10/27/2015: newsandpost- "총선거 조기투표 오는 30일까지"
10/27/2015: KSA Georgia Tech- 시장, 시의원 지역 선거 (City Election, 11월 3일)

5th Annual Community Champions Banquet 2015

10/13/2015: NewsandPost- AAAJ ‘커뮤니티 챔피언상’ 시상식 성황
10/13/2015: Korea Daily- 5년간 봉사, 큰 열매로 결실
10/12/2015: Atlanta Chosun- "아시안이 힘 모으면 미국이 바뀝니다"
10/12/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 존박 시의원 '커뮤니티 챔피언상' 수상
9/14/2015: Atlanta Chosun- 존 박 시의원 커뮤니티 어워드 수상

Advancing Justice-Atlanta holds Special Korean Thanksgiving Celebration & Empowerment Session for Seniors

9/25/2015: Korea Daily- 커뮤니티 미래는 투표로, 1만명 투표로
9/23/2015: Atlanta Chosun- 민족대명절, 한인사회 행사 풍성
9/22/2015: News and Post- “올해 한가위 잔치들 다양하네요”
9/18/2015: Atlanta Chosun- 존 박 시의원 한인 시니어 투표독려
9/17/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 추석 노인 초청 투표캠페인

Coverage of Executive Director's Announcement

9/10/2015: Georgia Asian Times- Helen Kim Ho resigns from Asian American Advancing Justice – Atlanta
9/10/2015: NewsandPost- 새로운 아시안 민권운동 리더 찾습니다
9/10/2015: AtlantaChosun- AAAJ 헬렌김호대표 사퇴
9/9/2015: Korea Daily- AAAJ 애틀랜타지부, 헬렌 김 대표 사임

9/8/2015: GeorgiaTrend- "A LOOK AHEAD- 30 leaders on the future of Georgia."

10,000 Korean Votes Campaign Result and Plan for 2015

9/1/2015: Christianity Daily- 투표하면 자녀에게 성공의 길이~
8/28/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- "한인이 지역 선거판 흔들 수 있어"
8/28/2015: Korea Daily- “한인 1만명 지방선거 투표하자”
8/28/2015: AtlantaChosun- "한인, 투표로 힘모으면 미국이 바뀝니다"
8/28/2015: RadioKorea- "한인유권자1만명 모으기 캠페인" 한국정부서 후원
8/28/2015: WABE- Group: Registering Korean-American Voters Is Multi-Year Effort
8/25/2015: AtlantaChosun- 한인 정치력신장에 한국정부도 지원
8/20/2015: newsandpost- 한인 유권자 1만명 캠페인 결과는?

8/11/2015: Bustle- Asian Americans Are Invisible To Politics & Politicians, Which Is A Major Problem When The Personal Turns Political

8/9/2015: Georgia Weekly Post- FREE DINNER MEETING IN Clarkston City - Gwinnett - Residents meet elected Officials

8/3/2015: newsandpost- "헬렌 김호 ‘지역사회 활동가상’ 선정

8/2/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 헬렌 김 변호사, 주 변호사협회 임원 선정

Dream Riders in GA 2015

7/30/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 서류미비 청소년에 희망을 주세요

ESL Citizenship Class Coverage

7/20/2015: AtlantaChosun- "영어 잘 배워 시민권 받을래요"

Community Dinner with City Officials

8/26/2015: Patch- Community Dinner with Johns Creek Officials Scheduled For Sept. 3
7/20/2015: AtlantaChosun- How to Become a Duluth City Official
7/20/2015: Korea Daily- “내 한 표가 삶의 질 결정”
7/17/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 둘루스 시장 "한인 정치참여 환영"
7/17/2015: AtlantaChosun- 차기 둘루스 시의원 한인 출마 기대
7/8/2015: NewsandPost- “둘루스 시의원에 도전하세요”
7/7/2015: AtlantaChosun- 둘루스 시의원 출마 하려면…

New Direct Legal Service Coverage

7/5/2015: Epoch times- Citizenship Classes Free Legal Help Launches for Asian Immigrants
7/2/2015: AtlantaChosun- AAAJ 시민권 취득 ESL
7/1/2015: Atlanta CBS- 애틀란타 사람들
6/30/2015: World Journal- 亞裔正義促進會 提供法律服務
6/25/2015: Epoch times Chiense- 亚裔正义促进会协助低收入华人
6/24/2015: Newsandpost- “이민법, 시민권 관련 도움 드려요”
6/23/2015: RadioKorea- AAAJ, '무료 핫라인과 저렴한 법률 서비스'
6/23/2015: AtlantaChosun- 시민권 취득위한 ESL프로그램 제공
6/23/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 무료법률서비스 시작합니다
6/23/2015: Korea Daily- ‘이민법 안전망’ 만든다
6/23/2015: Atlanta168- 为亚城华人低价/免费提供法律服务
6/18/2015: AtlantaChosun-이민법률서비스 다국어로 제공
6/17/2015: Korea Daily-아시안아메리칸정의진흥협회 법률 서비스 프로그램 제공

6/5/2015: AtlantaChosun- “이민자가 쉴 그늘 제공하고 싶습니다”

6/4/2015: Atlanta Magazine- Women Making A Mark

Embrace 2015 Coverage

5/12/2015: AtlantaChosun- 아시안 맛축제 함께 즐겼다
5/8/2015: Korea Daily- 한국음식 매력 알렸다
5/7/2015: KTN- AAAJ 'Embrace 2015' Taste of Asia 개최
5/7/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- AAAJ, Taste of Asia 개최
5/7/2015: RadioKorea- AAAJ, "엠브레이스, 테이스트 오브 아시아" 열었다

5/8/2015: The Telegraph- Partolan Persevered in face of Deportation

5/5/2015: New Republic- Register Minority Voters in Georgia, Go to Jail

2015 Southern Regional Non-Partisan Campaign Training

4/13/2015: KTN- AAAJ, 선출 정무직 진출을 위한 워크샵 개최
4/12/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- 한인타운에 한인 정치인 없다
4/12/2015: Korea Daily- “소수계 정치권 진출 불가능 아니다”
4/6/2015: Radio Korea- "한인들, 지역 정치에 참여하세요"

Norcross City Survey

3/25/2015: Gwinnett Daily Post- Georgia Tech study focusing on immigrants in Norcross
3/26/2015: AJC- Norcross study to evaluate growing immigrant population
3/27/2015: WABE- Norcross, Georgia Tech To Study City’s Immigrant Population

3/17/2015: Georgia Public Broadcasting- The Immigrant Experience in the South

Information Session on DACA/DAPA at Northview High School

3/22/2015: The Korean Christian Times- 서류 미비 청소년-부모 추방 유예, 어떻게 준비하나
3/19/2015: KTN-아시안아메리칸정의진흥협회, DACA 와 DAPA 세미나 개최
3/15/2015: Christianity Daily- 불법체류부모추방유예(DAPA)와 불법체류청년추방유예(DACA) 설명회
3/13/2015: The Korea Times Atlanta- "DAPA<부모추방유예> 대상 조지아 한인 1만1천명"
3/13/2015: KoreaDaily- 추방유예로 “꿈 향해 다시 한걸음”
3/13/2015: AtlantaChosun- "추방유예 프로그램 등록하세요"
3/13/2015: AtlantaChosun- Who is Eligible for DACA & DAPA?
3/10/2015: AtlantaChosun- 최신 추방유예조치 정보제공

3/2/2015: CNN- The health risks of cyberbullying in college

Coverage on DACA/DAPA Grassroots Conference

3/1/2015: Korea Daily- "돈만 내면 급행처리" 추방유예 사기 백태
3/3/2015: KTN- AAAJ, 라티노 와 함께하는 컨퍼런스 개최
3/3/2015:Telemundo- Organizaciones de las comunidades Asiática y Latina en pro de los derechos de los inmigrantes

Coverage on Atlanta Town Hall Meeting

2/21/2015: Epoch Times- This Is What Atlanta’s Mayor Has to Say About Immigration Reform
2/20/2015: Korea Daily- 서류미비자에게 “포기하지 말라”

2/18/2015: Epoch Times - What It Means to Grow up American When You’re Not American

11/4/2014: Aljazeera America - Voting-rights groups challenge electoral purges

Coverage on Ferguson: