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Free Virtual Citizenship Clinic

Apply for United States Citizenship before the fee increases!

USCIS finalized a rule change regarding immigration fees that will go into effect on October 2. The naturalization application fee will increase to $1,170. In addition, USCIS also announced that it will eliminate the Reduced Fee option for naturalization applicants while also limiting applicants' eligibility for the full fee waiver.

Get your application in before the fee increases! Advancing Justice - Atlanta will host a free virtual citizenship clinic on September 26.

Find out more at advancingjustice-atlanta.org or call 404-890-5655.
Appointments Required.

Sign up TODAY.
September 26- bit.ly/citizenship926

Step 1: Save your spot!
Applicants are required to sign up( bit.ly/citizenship0912 ) afterward they will be contacted by one staff member or volunteer to schedule an appointment to be pre-screened and make sure they meet the basic naturalization requirements.

Step 2: Pre-screening and limited service agreement. Applicants will be contacted by one volunteer or staff member from the partner organizations. The volunteer is required to provide the limited-service agreement to the applicant. Please make sure the applicants submit the form online limited service agreement in Google Forms.
Once the applicant is aware of the services provided and responsibilities thereof, we will start to do the actual pre-screening by completing this form thoroughly with one staff member or volunteer.

Step 3: Directing applicants to start the application in CitizenshipWorks. Applicants will be required to complete their N400 application using CitizenshipWorks through www.citizenshipworks.org/portal/AAAJ-ATL.

Step 4: Fee Waiver. Applicants seeking to complete the fee waiver are required to have their 2019 tax return or certified public benefits letter. One staff member from AAAJ-Atlanta will contact them to check their eligibility.

Step 4: Legal Review. In order to perform the legal review, applicants will be required to have at least 95% of the application complete. We will schedule a Zoom conference or phone call with the applicant and legal representative.

Do I Qualify?
• You are 18 or older. • You have not committed a crime. • You read, write, and speak basic English. • You have had a green card for 5 years OR your spouse is a U.S. citizen and you have had a green card for 3 years.

What Do I need to prepare?
Please bring all of the documents concerning your legal issue to the clinic. For Citizenship Application:
• Permanent Resident card (Green card). • Driver’s license. • Social Security card. • All your passports. • List of home addresses for the past 5 years and the dates in which you resided at these addresses. • List of employer names and addresses for the past 5 years, including the dates you worked with each employer. • List of all countries you have visited for the past 5 years with the exact dates of exit and entry to and from the United States. • If you have been cited, arrested, detained, or had to appear in court for any reason in the U.S. or abroad, bring all documents relating to the incident including a certified final disposition. • Certified final court disposition for any traffic tickets. • If married to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, bring your spouse’s green card/U.S. passport, marriage certificate and/or divorce decree. • If you have been married more than once, bring the biographical information regarding your former spouse(s), including their name, date and place of marriage, and date and place of dissolution of marriage. • If your current spouse has been married more than once, you will need biographical information regarding their previous spouse(s), including their name, date and place of marriage, and date and place of dissolution of the marriage. • If you have any children, bring their green card, complete name, date of birth, and social security number.

$725 check or money order made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for a filing fee.

*If you need financial assistance, please bring your most recent tax return and/or evidence of public benefits.

Call 404-890-5655 or email at sochoa@advancingjustice-atlanta.org for more information.