Donate to our Covid-19 Mutual Aid Fund

The Covid-19 pandemic is a rapidly progressing disaster that is taking a toll on the social, mental, financial, and physical health and well-being of our communities in Georgia. Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and AAPI communities are bearing the brunt of the harm.

Now more than ever is the time for our communities to directly support those most in need. Advancing Justice-Atlanta has created mutual aid to build hygiene and care kits for elders, service workers, and other higher-risk/ higher-need populations in our communities.

We are asking for donations to buy:
• Toilet paper
• Hand sanitizer
• Soap
• Alcohol
• Garbage bags
• Paper towels
• Masks

Every dollar counts. Donate to our mutual aid fund at

We must show up and take action when our communities are most in need.
Donate and share! Our community members deserve and need relief Now!

Please visit our Covid-19 resources page at