Voices of Color for People of Color

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta presents our new zine: VOC for POC (Voice of Color for People of Color)!

VOC for POC seeks to offer a creative platform for POC expression, empowerment, and solidarity. We are dedicated to providing people of color the opportunity to publish uncensored, unapologetic expressions of their personal experiences and/or hopes for the future of their communities through a range of media. Ultimately, VOC for POC is a means to amplify the vibrant voices of our communities’ intergenerational, multicultural resilience and resistance.

Our First issue - the theme is: Roots.
How do you as a POC define, relate to, keep in touch with, remix, battle, recognize, converse with your “roots,” whether familial, ancestral, movement-based, community-based, internal?

Voices of Color for People of Color

First Issue-Roots