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AALAC to Send In-Language GOTV Calls Across Metro Atlanta Region

Targeting races with High Asian American populations

Atlanta, GA, October 11, 2013 — The Asian American Legal Advocacy Center, Inc. (AALAC) is sending a series of get-out-to-vote calls across the metro-Atlanta region to encourage greater voter turn-out for the November 5th municipal elections. AALAC is targeting calls to Asian American households in target municipal races with high Asian American voting populations.

The calls will start early next week and can be heard in English, as well as Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese which are the top three Asian languages used in Georgia. The calls will be heard by voters in the Cities of Duluth, Clarkston, Atlanta and Morrow. Up to 30,000 households will receive these calls leading up to the November 5th elections.

“In cities like Duluth, there are enough current Asian American voters to elect whomever they want to local office,” said Helen Kim Ho AALAC’s Executive Director. In Duluth there are currently 1,183 active Asian American voters according to the Secretary of State; in the 2009 Duluth municipal election only 783 total votes were cast. “Our community’s ability to flex political power is not a future aspiration but a reality at the local level,” said Ho.

In addition, a historic five Asian Americans are running for local races throughout metro Atlanta. The candidates are: Birendra Dhakal, Bhutanese (Clarkston City Council); Abid Haque, Indian (Atlanta City Council); Hang Tran, Vietnamese (Morrow City Council); Louis Tseng, Taiwanese (Duluth City Council); and Alex Wan, Chinese (Atlanta City Council).

“In cities with longer standing Asian American communities, having an Asian American run will typically increase Asian voter turnout for that race,” said Ho.

The cost of the robocalls are being generously donated by Fred Hicks, a donor to AALAC and Principal at Hicks Evaluation Group (http://www.hegllc.org). Said Hicks: “I am committed to the cause of voter engagement. Georgia's emerging minorities, namely members of the AAPI community, will eventually have a strong presence in the political discourse; my aim is to help that day arrive sooner.”

Calls will begin next week reminding people of the election, then again between October 27-28th to encourage early voting, then on November 3rd to urge everyone to vote.